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My Story

My story is not unlike many others, as a teenager I was constantly unwell. I lived a very fast paced lifestyle, always lacked energy and suffered everything from fatigue, bloating, allergies and adult acne. When I began to seek explanations for my troubles I struggled to find answers. I quickly grew frustrated with traditional medicines’ reductionist view of my health, simply treating the symptoms, not addressing the cause.
Researching and experimentation became my personal obsession, which led me to discover the benefits of plant medicine and I began a degree in natural health. Within 6 months of making some small lifestyle shifts my whole body changed. Over the next 5 years I transformed myself into a strong, vibrant and energetic being and all I wanted to do was share the benefits of this holistic approach with everyone I knew.
Before this time I had never understood the notion of using food and plants as healing methods, or the importance of daily self-care rituals for mental and overall health. As I moved away from old lifestyle choices, along with dietary improvements I began to integrate mindfulness and movement into each day. Every little moment that I took for myself mattered. I quickly made the connection that my internal state reflected my external wellness and happiness.
Along this journey I started creating tea tonics for additional nourishment and support. These formed an integral part of not only my diet, but in creating moments to unwind, sip slowly and take time for myself. In realising the benefit these blends were contributing to my overall health I started to create personalised formulas for my family and friends that were suffering in a similar way that I had - in a constant loop of stress manifesting as physical ailments. It was an incredibly rewarding experience watching how these tonics relieve them from their symptoms, just as they had done for me. The process of creation brought me so much joy, and the idea for Kintonik was born.
I believe wellness is a holistic pursuit and an ongoing journey. It is a lifestyle choice and an investment, but the rewards are endless. The early stages of this path can feel hard but it all starts with looking inwards and letting your intuition guide you. Create time for yourself, slow down and come back to you.

Nicole ~ Founder of KINTONIK